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Rising Ammonia Emissions key contributor to Air Pollution in Ireland

Rising ammonia emissions from the agricultural sector remain one of the key contributors to air pollution in Ireland, the Environmental Protection Agency has warned.  According to the EPA’s latest figures, ammonia emissions increased by two per cent in 2017. The upsurge is emissions are expected to continue out to 2030. The agriculture sector accounts for 99 per cent of Ireland’s total ammonia ...
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Europe’s most deprived areas ‘hit hardest by air pollution’

Pollution and other environmental hazards pose health risks to everyone, but have greater impacts on some people due to their age or state of health. Individuals’ ability to avoid, or cope with these hazards is also influenced by their income, employment status or level of education. A European Environment Agency (EEA) report Unequal exposure and unequal impacts: social vulnerability to air pollut...
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Air Quality in Ireland 2017: Key Indicators of Ambient Air Quality – EPA Report

The Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality in Ireland 2017 – Key Indicators of Ambient Air Quality report, released today, shows that while Ireland’s air quality did not exceed legal limit values in 2017, Ireland’s air quality is impacting negatively on people’s health. Levels of particulate matter – dust - in our air is of growing concern.  Levels are particularly high during the winter m...
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Freezing outdoor Air Pollution can prevent fumes coming inside

Freezing pollution before it enters offices and homes through air conditioning units can prevent 99pc of fumes coming inside, scientists have discovered.  Nottingham Trent University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been trying to find a way to prevent deadly outdoor air pollution from seeping indoors.  They found that if pollution is frozen to around -18C in a condensing tube the particle...
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Irish team second in EU award for project to tackle urban air pollution

Last week, the European Commission announced the winner of a €3 million award for the EU Horizon Prize on Materials for Clean Air for the most affordable, sustainable and innovative design-driven solution to urban air pollution.  Air quality in cities around the world has been getting increasingly worse. A recent report has found that most EU states are failing to meet air quality standards set by...
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15 Projects That Could Quash Air Pollution Around the World

Source: Stefano Boeri Architetti
Thankfully, we're closer to solving the problem than ever before. With cutting-edge technologies, government initiatives, and innovative projects we could finally put an end to air pollution once and for all. Here are some of the projects that can make a big impact. 1. Letting Citizens Test their Own Air Quality One of the best tools in the fight against air pollution is education. By educ...
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Cork air-pollution monitor to take most detailed measurements yet

A new facility in Cork is set to take the most detailed measurements yet of air pollution, which scientists say is responsible for more than 1,500 premature deaths in Ireland every year. The opening of the €66,000 atmospheric monitoring station at UCC’s North Mall campus comes just weeks after tests found one location in Cork city centre had air-pollution levels as high as London on the same da...
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Britain taken to court by European Commission over air pollution

The European Commission is taking the British Government to court for breaching EU air quality rules. The EU's environment commissioner Karmenu Vella said Britain had broken limits on levels of health-damaging nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and failed to provide "credible, effective and timely" plans to cut pollution. Levels of NO2 - largely from car exhaust fumes - peaked as high as 102 microgrammes pe...
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Strong growth in Construction Industry mask potential capacity challenges

The Construction Industry Federation’s (CIF) first construction industry economic outlook this week heard of underlying challenges facing the sector that could impact on its ability to deliver essential housing and infrastructure activity in the next decade. Jeanette Mair, CIF Economic & Research Director, stated “Strong headline growth figures mask potential capacity challenges, particular...
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Environmental Services to the Construction Industry as it continues strong growth

The Irish construction sector’s strong start to the year continues, with the latest Ulster Bank construction purchasing managers’ index (PMI) showing a sharp increase in activity and new orders, and a faster pace of job creation. The sector is benefiting from a pick-up in housebuilding in urban areas, including Dublin, where demand for homes outstrips supply. While the latest PMI eased back from...
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