Noise monitoring experts

Noise and acoustics specialists

Verde's noise and acoustic specialists help our clients in creating safer, healthier, and more comfortable environments by managing and mitigating the impacts of noise pollution. Our multidisciplinary knowledge enables us to address a wide range of challenges related to sound and its effects on society and the environment.

Noise impact assessments

Assessment of noise impacts for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.


Compliance monitoring

Assessment and measurement of noise levels in the environment, including transportation, industrial activities, or construction projects.


Noise management plans

Noise management plans for IPPC licensed facilities, to assist with EPA and other regulatory compliance.


Industrial noise control

Identification of noise sources in industrial settings, providing recommendations on remedial measures to reduce noise emissions.


Occupational exposure assessments

Assessment of noise exposure levels of workers in various industries to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.


Noise regulations

Expert consultancy advice on regulations affecting operations, planning, and noise pollution controls.

Noise and air quality are the most frequent sources of environmental complaint in Ireland

Information sourced from EPA

Verde air and noise monitoring services

Verde provides a wide range of environmental air and noise monitoring and management services.

  • Licence compliance monitoring
  • Commissioning of a new plant or processes
  • Occupational exposure monitoring for noise
  • Baseline monitoring for environmental impact assessments
  • Industrial and community complaint or nuisance assessment
  • Occupational exposure monitoring for vapours, dusts and aerosols
  • Environmental and occupational monitoring in construction projects

Verde air and noise monitoring services

Verde provides a wide range of environmental air and noise monitoring and management services.

  • Ambient Particulate Matter PM10 and PM2.5 dust monitoring in accordance with EN 12341.
  • Bergerhoff dust monitoring
  • Occupational exposure monitoring for noise
  • Diffusion tube monitoring for Nitrogen Dioxide and Nirogen Oxides (NOx), Ozone, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Benzene, Toluene, Xylene & Ethylbenzene and VOCs.

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