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EPA publishes Guidelines on information to be contained in Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

EPA publishes Guidelines on information to be contained in Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) The Guidelines on the information to be contained in Environmental Impact Assessment Reports concentrates on the principles and associated practice of preparing EIARs. It is a statutory document that should be regarded by developers, practitioners and CAs – as set out in section 1.1. The d...
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Regulation Updates for EIA, Industrial Emissions, IPC and Waste Licensing

The following regulations have been published by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment to Directive 2011/92/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 2011, as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014: S.I. 130 of 2020 - Waste Management (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2020 Amends...
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Environmental group challenges EPA approval for industrial extraction of peat

An Environmental NGO has launched a High Court challenge against a decision of the Environment Protection Agency to accept an application for the industrial extraction of peat.  The action has been brought by the Friends of the Irish Environment, which has asked the court to quash a decision made by the EPA last October to accept an application by a company called Harte Peat Ltd for an integra...
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Council failed to assess biodiverse wetlands before they were destroyed

A local authority failed to carry out any environmental impact assessment before destroying a biodiverse wetland and killing thousands of animals at a park in Dublin.  South Dublin County Council (SDCC) has also said it has no record of any ecological surveys undertaken in the area. The destruction of the wetlands caused outrage after tonnes of silt were spread on the site, which had developed ...
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An Bord Pleanála Annual Report 2018

An Bord Pleanála have published their annual report and accounts for 2018. Headline figures show: a 6% increase in cases received; a 32% increase in cases decided; a 10% decrease in cases on hand at year end; 105 Strategic Infrastructure Development applications lodged; 44 Strategic Housing Development applications lodged; 99 vacant site levy appeals; 2018 was the first full year of...
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Ireland faces EU fine of €1.7m over Derrybrien wind farm landslide

Ireland faces EU fine of €1.7m over Derrybrien wind farm landslide Ireland is facing a fine of €1.7m over its failure to comply with an EU Court judgment relating to the Derrybrien wind farm in Galway.  The wind farm, which was constructed more than 13 years ago, was one of the largest in the EU. However, no environmental impact assessment was carried out for the project. Its construction requi...
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An Bord Pleanála grants permission for plastic factory despite environmental concerns

An Bord Pleanála (ABP) has granted planning permission for a plastic factory in Skibbereen, Co Cork despite deep reservations from concerned locals over potential environmental and health issues.  Cork County Council granted permission for the facility to Daly Products Ltd, an Irish division of a Minnesota-based company, RTP Company, in December 2017. A group of concerned Skibbereen residents u...
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Updated Planning Guidelines on Environmental Impact Assessment published

Mr. Eoghan Murphy TD, Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government has published updated guidelines for planning authorities and An Bord Pleanála on carrying out environmental impact assessment. The publication of the Guidelines coincides with the coming into operation on 1 September 2018 of most of the provisions of the European Union (Planning and Development) (Environmental Impact Ass...
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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process of examining the anticipated environmental effects of a proposed project - from consideration of environmental aspects at design stage, through consultation and preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), evaluation of the EIAR by a competent authority, the subsequent decision as to wheth...
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Environmental Consulting explained

What is Environmental Consulting? Environmental consulting is often a form of compliance consulting, in which the consultant ensures that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations. Environmental consultants work in a very wide variety of fields. Whether it be providing construction services such as hazard Assessments  or conducting environmental d...
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