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Contaminated Land Remediation

Contaminated land remediation

Verde Remediation Services has extensive experience in the assessment and remediation of contaminated land, providing a complete, in-house solution to deal with contaminated land and provide cost effective and practical solutions that both meet our clients’ needs and fulfil the requirements of regulators.

We understand the complexities of contaminated land issues, both from a consultancy and contracting point of view and can ensure that properly scoped remediation programmes are delivered whilst ensuring budgetary and regulatory compliance. Our multidisciplinary team consists of environmental, hydrogeology and geotechnical consultants, as well as remediation engineers and specialists to provide a full solution to the problem. Through the experience and quality of our personnel and our range of bespoke remediation equipment, we provide value for money remediation solutions aimed at reducing the environmental risks posed to our clients in the industrial, commercial, public, residential and insurance sectors.

Our Services

  • Site walkover surveys.
  • Phase 1 desk top studies.
  • Field Investigations.
  • Conceptual Modelling.
  • Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment.
  • Pollution Incident Management.
  • Remediation.
  • Option Appraisals.
  • Remediation Design.
  • Remediation Specification and Tender.
  • Remediation Services.
  • Remediation Monitoring and Validation.

Bespoke Solutions to Contamination Problems

Verde understands the need for design and build of site-specific remediation solutions and has a proven record in the design, build and implementation of bespoke remediation processes and solutions.  Verde has the capability to implement a variety of methodologies and technologies to remediate contaminated land and groundwater, including:

Chemical Oxidation.

Enhanced Bioremediation.

Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE).

Multi-phase Extraction.

Air Sparging.


Soil Flushing.

Dig and Dump.