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Wind farms must provide more environmental information to public

Wind farms must provide more environmental information to public A significant High Court ruling means wind farms have greater transparency obligations to the public concerning the provision of environmental information, including about wind turbine noise.  Mr Justice Alexander Owens ruled Raheenlagh Power DAC (RP), which jointly controls a wind farm in the Wicklow mountains with an ESB subsidi...
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Using nature to capture carbon must be recognised fully in Climate Bill – committee told

Using nature to capture carbon must be recognised fully in Climate Bill - committee told. Protecting biodiversity and deploying nature-based solutions could help achieve global and national carbon emissions reduction targets, and “keep our planet liveable and maintain our wellbeing”, according to TCD professor of zoology Yvonne Buckley.  For this reason these options should be fully acknowledged ...
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New quarterly report shows wind energy growing faster than ever

The Irish Wind Energy Association, Ireland’s largest renewable energy organisation, last week published its quarterly industry report for quarter two of 2019, covering April, May and June of this year.  The figures show wind provided 27 per cent of Ireland’s electricity in quarter two, up from 22.5 per cent for the same period last year. Dr David Connolly, CEO of the Irish Wind Energy A...
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Irish Energy Update: Overview of 2018

2020 Targets Even the relatively casual observer of the Irish energy sector will be familiar with the Irish government’s “40% by 2020” renewables target for electricity consumption. While a creditable 3.5GW of renewable generation capacity has been installed in Ireland to date (on average 140MW a year since 1993), mainly as onshore wind farms, it is estimated that a further 800MW of onshore win...
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Verde employs two of the five fastest-growing ‘green’ jobs

The Earth's climate has changed throughout history and, in recent decades, scientists have concluded that the planet is currently going through an era of warming.  There is near-consensus that the latest rise in average temperatures, along with a shift in weather patterns, is in at least part attributable to human activity that has pushed an excess of carbon into the atmosphere. A global drive ...
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Ireland has most new installed wind capacity in EU

Wind energy was the most installed form of power generation in Europe in 2017, according to a report from Wind Europe. The EU installed more than 15GW of wind power capacity in 2017, an increase of 20 per cent from2016, the report found. Wind energy remains the second largest source of electricity in the EU behind gas, accounting for 12 per cent of Europe`s electricity demand. On the other hand...
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Noise Monitoring

Verde - Noise & Acoustics
Following a recent review of the 2006 Wind Energy Development Guidelines, there will be stringent restrictions on noise levels from high-powered turbines. Local authorities will be tasked with enforcing noise limit rules in their counties and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be charged with policing sound levels. Breaches of noise restrictions will result in turbines being turned o...
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