Simplifying Sustainability

Leading you to more sustainable growth

Verde are your trusted partner in sustainable transformation. As leaders in sustainability consulting, we specialise in guiding businesses towards a greener, more ethical future.

Our team of experts offers tailored solutions to minimise environmental impact, optimise resource efficiency, and enhance social responsibility practices. From renewable energy integration to waste reduction strategies, we empower organisations to thrive in a rapidly evolving world while leaving a positive footprint on the planet.

Join us in paving the way towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Make sustainability core to your business

Sustainability is not just a moral imperative; it is also a strategic imperative for businesses looking to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

By integrating sustainability into your core operations and decision-making processes, you can create value for society, the environment, and your stakeholders while securing your own long-term success.


Verde's sustainability services

Let us guide you on your journey to net-zero carbon. With our expertise and guidance, your business can unlock the full potential of sustainability, driving positive impact for your bottom line, your stakeholders, and the planet.

  • LEED
  • EDGE
  • ESG and CSR Strategy

More benefits for you and your business

Cost savings

Adopting sustainable practices often leads to cost savings through improved efficiency and resource management. Investing in energy-efficient technologies can lower utility bills and reduce waste. Over time, these savings can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line.

Brand value

Consumers are increasingly prioritising sustainability when making purchasing decisions. By demonstrating a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, you can enhance your reputation, build trust with customers, and differentiate from competitors. A strong sustainability brand attracts and retains talent, as employees seek purpose-driven workplaces.


Regulations and standards are increasing relating to environmental protection, labour practices, and corporate governance. By proactively adopting sustainable practices, you can ensure compliance with current and future regulations, avoiding potential fines, penalties, and reputational damage.

Risk Mitigation

Sustainability practices help identify and mitigate risks associated with climate change, resource scarcity, and supply chain disruptions. By diversifying supply chains, investing in renewable energy, and engaging with stakeholders, you can build resilience and adaptability to navigate uncertain conditions.


Embracing sustainability drives competitiveness and innovation by encouraging the development of new products, services, and business models that are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. Innovating with sustainability in mind can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, attract new customers, and create new revenue streams.

Long-term Viability

Sustainable practices ensure that your business can continue to operate and thrive over the long term by minimising risks associated with environmental, social, and economic factors. By conserving resources and reducing waste, you can create a more resilient operation that is less vulnerable to disruption.

Our key contacts for sustainability services

Fintan O'Hora

Principal Sustainability Consultant