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Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan


The purpose of a Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan is to provide information necessary to ensure that the management of construction and demolition (C&D) waste at a site is undertaken in accordance with the current legal and industry standards.

In particular, the CWMP aims to ensure maximum recycling, reuse and recovery of waste with diversion from landfill, wherever possible. It also seeks to provide guidance on the appropriate collection and transport of waste from the site to prevent issues associated with litter or more serious environmental pollution (e.g. contamination of soil and/or water). A C&D WMP includes information on the legal and policy framework for C&D waste management in Ireland, estimates of the type and quantity of waste to be generated by the proposed development and makes recommendations for management of different waste streams.

National Guidelines and Policies

The Waste Management Plan will have regard to national guidelines and policies which outline the issues that need to be addressed at the pre-planning stage of a development, through to completion and are considered to define best practice for C&D projects in Ireland and describe how C&D projects are to be undertaken such that environmental impacts and risks are minimised and maximum levels of waste recycling are achieved.

  • Predicted C&D wastes and procedures to prevent, minimise, recycle and reuse wastes.
  • Waste disposal/recycling of C&D wastes at the site.
  • Provision of training for waste manager and site crew.
  • Details of proposed record keeping system.
  • Details of waste audit procedures and plan.
  • Details of consultation with relevant bodies i.e. waste recycling companies, Local Councils, etc.

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