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Soil Waste Classification


Verde undertake characterisation of soils as required by landfill regulations. We undertake the necessary sampling to assess whether a waste is classified as hazardous or non-hazardous.

Our specialists are trained in the use of the appropriate classification tools and have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation and guidance, which allows them to guide clients in establishing cost effective and sustainable soil management solutions. In the majority of construction projects, there is generally a requirement to excavate soils, which in most cases are considered a waste under Irish waste legislation. As a result, careful consideration and assessment is required to classify the soils and to determine appropriate disposal and potential re-use options. Verde routinely assist design teams and contractors to manage soil disposal in accordance with the appropriate legislation and the ever changing disposal/treatment options.

Soil Waste Classification Seminar!

The strong growth trajectory for the construction industry continues and we at Verde have seen a major increase in the demand for our consultancy services to assist design teams and contractors to undertake the correct classification of waste materials.

For brownfield site redevelopments in particular, expert classification provides the waste producer and holder with clarity on available options and associated disposal costs.  In Ireland, stringent waste management regulations make it a statutory requirement for waste to be characterised and to assess if it also meets specific Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) prior to disposal at a landfill site.

Verde have developed a one hour seminar that educates attendees on the most up-to-date practice in this area.

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