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EU achieved its three main Climate and Energy targets by 2020 – EEA Report

EU achieved its three main Climate and Energy targets by 2020 - EEA Report The EEA report ‘Trends and Projections in Europe 2021’ estimates that the EU achieved its three 2020 climate and energy targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared to 1990 levels, increasing the share of renewable energy use to 20%, and improving energy efficiency by 20%.  According to preliminary EEA data...
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Dublin councils launch draft climate plans

Local authorities in Dublin have launched draft climate plans to drastically cut emissions and improve energy efficiency across the capital. The Draft Climate Change Action Plans 2019-2024 also outline how the four local authorities aim to make Dublin a climate and flooding resilient region and also actively engage with citizens on climate change. The councils have joined with Dublin’s Energ...
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Half of Irish companies have no environmental policy

New research into Irish businesses shows half of Irish companies do not have an environmental policy in place.  The research, which was conducted by Bord Gáis Energy through RED C among 200 businesses, looks at the behaviours and attitudes of businesses towards energy and energy efficiency. Despite 55% of businesses admitting they would consider reducing energy usage in order to make important ...
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Behavioural change key to determine energy future

Behavioural change will play a significant role in future global energy trends, a University College Cork (UCC) climate expert has said.  Speaking at an energy lecture presented by the Irish Royal Academy on Monday, Dr Paul Deane said that human behaviour would be a crucial factor in determining the world’s energy future.  “Technology changes are simply not enough, we really need to start looking ...
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