Oil Spill Remediation – Residential – Longford

A release of an unknown volume of kerosene fuel oil occurred from an underground oil line fitting external to the house. The loss resulted in oil odours inside the house, with oil migrating around the rear and side of the building, as well as underneath approximately half of the building itself.

Verde role in the project

  • Site investigations to establish the contamination impact to the property, including the installation of boreholes both outside and inside the house. 
  • Contaminated material excavation and removal, including breaking out and removal of impacted concrete flooring, external hardstanding and underlying material.
  • Temporary structural work to facilitate works.
  • Propping, removal and replacement of foundation walls.
  • Product Recovery System installation to control and treat hydrocarbon contaminated water including pump recovery, oil water separator and Granulated Activated Carbon filtration vessels.
  • Chemical Oxidation treatment injection system, to facilitate the treatment of residual contamination
  • Licensed disposal of contaminated material to specialist facilities.
  • Validation and certification through soil, water and air sampling and testing

Oil Spill Remediation Residential - Longford

Project Summary/Goals

A release of an unknown volume of kerosene fuel oil occurred from an underground oil line fitting. The oil leak impacted the house and surrounding areas, with internal oil odours making the house uninhabitable. 

Verde provided the initial emergency remediation response to determine the impact caused by the oil leak and designed a remediation programme to resolve the issues. The oil spill remediation works involved the excavation of fill and soil material from both inside and outside the house. Several rooms in the house were excavated and the contaminated foundation walls were propped, removed and replaced by Verde. An injection treatment system enabled chemical oxidation treatment of residual contamination. Following validation testing and verification, full construction reinstatement works were then conducted by Verde to bring the house and property back to normal.  

Location Co. Longford
Status Completed (2022)

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