Verde role in the project

  • Undertake a Hydrogeological review of available information to determine the suitability of developing a further groundwater resource to an existing well field on the caravan park site.
  • Supervision of the drilling and installation of a new production well field on-site with well installations in locally important slate and schist bedrock aquifers and one well in overlying groundwater bearing gravels.
  • Undertake a series of step pumping tests on all wells with a 3-day constant rate pumping test on two chosen production wells.
  • Pumping test information was used to provide sustainable yields of the two production wells to meet site water demands.
  • Chemical and microbiological groundwater quality sampling and interpretation of laboratory analytical results with recommendations for precautionary water treatment.
  • Preparation of a hydrogeological assessment report outlining the findings of the production well field drilling and testing with recommendations on safe yields and water treatment requirements.

Groundwater Resources Development

Project Summary/Goals

This project involved examining the existing well field on the caravan park and developing a hydrogeological assessment to examine the potential of providing a more sustainable potable water supply for the site.

Suitable well locations were located on-site taking into account suitable distances from surrounding potentially pollution sources and from potential saline intrusion from the Irish Sea.

A drilling and testing programme has identified suitable sustainable yields to meet the site requirements. Detailed water quality analysis indicated very good groundwater quality with limited water treatment required to provide a potable resource to meet the current and future needs of the caravan park.

Location Caravan Park, Co. Wicklow
Status Completed (2017)

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