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Wind Energy Conference 2019 – focus on renewable energy resources in Ireland

With 900 people from 38 countries coming to Cork next month for a major international wind energy science conference, it is time to focus on the incredible renewable energy resources in the country, according to Cian Desmond. The Blarney, Co Cork native works at the Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy (MaREI), where his research is primarily focused on offshore wind energy.  He will chair th...
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IWEA publishes first quarterly wind report

The Irish Wind Energy Association, Ireland’s largest renewable energy organisation, last week published the first of what will be regular quarterly reports on the performance of the industry and revealed that wind provided 37 per cent of Ireland’s electricity in the first quarter of 2019. Dr David Connolly, CEO of the Irish Wind Energy Association, said: “This is our best Quarter One performanc...
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IWEA Award Winners leading the way to a carbon free energy future for Ireland

More than 300 people from Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies were joined by Minister Richard Bruton TD and MC, broadcaster Ivan Yates at the Clontarf Castle Hotel to celebrate the achievements of award winners who are leading the way to a carbon free energy future for Ireland. Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton TD said: "I would like to congratu...
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Irish Energy Update: Overview of 2018

2020 Targets Even the relatively casual observer of the Irish energy sector will be familiar with the Irish government’s “40% by 2020” renewables target for electricity consumption. While a creditable 3.5GW of renewable generation capacity has been installed in Ireland to date (on average 140MW a year since 1993), mainly as onshore wind farms, it is estimated that a further 800MW of onshore win...
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Ireland top user in Europe of Wind Energy in its Electricity yesterday

Ireland was the top user in Europe of Wind Energy in its Electricity yesterday.  Wind energy contributed 12.9% of Europe's electricity and 61% in Ireland. Source - Verde Environmental Consultants has expertise in the assessment of noise impacts for wind farm developments and for the installation of turbines at commercial sites. We adopt internationally recognised monitorin...
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Verde employs two of the five fastest-growing ‘green’ jobs

The Earth's climate has changed throughout history and, in recent decades, scientists have concluded that the planet is currently going through an era of warming.  There is near-consensus that the latest rise in average temperatures, along with a shift in weather patterns, is in at least part attributable to human activity that has pushed an excess of carbon into the atmosphere. A global drive ...
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