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Scientists make fresh call for policy makers to protect pollinators – study

Pollinating insects could thrive if improvements are made to agri-environment schemes across Europe, according to a new collaborative study involving scientists from Trinity.  More than 20 pollinator experts from 18 different countries looked at a range of wildlife habitats on farmland– named Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) – to determine how well they support insect pollinators such as bumblebees, ...
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Oysters considered to cut nitrate pollution

Pollution problems that have halted building in parts of Hampshire could be tackled by introducing oyster beds.  In June, five councils accepted advice by Natural England to refuse permission for new developments amid concerns over nitrate levels in The Solent. Nitrogen from housing and agricultural sources has accelerated the growth of algae which is damaging protected wildlife habitats and bird ...
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Developers must consider impact of construction schemes on wildlife, warns UK Minister

The UK Communities Secretary James Brokenshire has reminded developers of their legal obligation to consider the impact of their construction schemes and protect local wildlife.  This reminder echoes the growing concern over developers placing netting in trees and hedgerows by housing developments – a common practice that can trap wildlife. In a letter to leading developers, Brokenshire emphasi...
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15 ways the Trump administration has changed environmental policies

Since the Trump administration took office, it has been fighting what they call an “anti-growth” agenda put in place by the Obama administration. Regulations that required businesses to spend time and money to meet the former administration's environmental standards were swiftly reviewed and, in many cases, rolled back. National Geographic has been tracking the decisions that will impact Americ...
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TidyTowns ramping up biodiversity efforts

While tidy by definition means “arranged neatly and in order”, it is becoming clear that the TidyTowns competition is making moves to embrace the wild and spontaneous essence of our diverse environment. The TidyTowns website explains that concepts have changed over the years and ideas as to what constitutes a tidy town from 20 years ago would “not necessarily be reflected in TidyTowns today”. A...
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