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New International Standard for water efficiency

While some parts of the world are ‘flush’ with freshwater, others face serious drought. What’s more, only a fraction of the world’s freshwater is available for us to use and drink, as the rest is in the sea or frozen in glaciers or snowfields. As the world’s population continues to put pressure on this limited supply, being more efficient with what we have is our only solution. A new Internationa...
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Nine Things you need to know about Water Efficiency

1. Accessible freshwater accounts for less than 1% of all water on the Planet. Water covers 70% of the Planet but only 2.5% of this is freshwater including glaciers and icecaps. As population and consumption grow so does the pressure on freshwater supplies. 2. Of the freshwater available Agriculture consumes 70%. Approximately 20% is used by industry and the remaining 10% for civil or municip...
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