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Investors will give up gains for sustainable options – study

Investors are prepared to sacrifice gains for investment choices that are sustainable socially and environmentally, a new study has found. The study by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in co-operation with the Investment Leaders Group, found that there was a strong preference for sustainable investing among consumers even when returns were 2 per cent or 3 per cen...
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EU Investment Firms Must Tell Clients about Environmental Risks

The European Parliament’s Committee of Economic and Monetary Affairs decided on Monday that investment firms will from now on have to make sure they inform their clients about the risks of their projects infringing upon human rights, endangering the environment, or similar violations. The Regulation “lays the foundation for an EU framework which puts environmental, social and governance (ESG) con...
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How A Circular Economy can Help our Environment

Next week, more than 1,000 people from across sectors will gather in Yokohama to discuss how to capitalize on the economic, social, and environmental benefits of a circular economy. This gathering, the World Circular Economy Forum, is unique because it brings together key players in business and industry — not just policymakers and academics — to spark the creation of practical solutions that are ...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help us protect the environment — or destroy it

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve exponentially. With environmental concerns ever more at the forefront, experts are turning to AI to find sustainable solutions. But the technology also presents risks. Today, we can pull out our smart phones and use various apps to enhance our everyday lives. Digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri are able to complete a number of...
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EU Environment Action Programme to 2050

Over the past decades the European Union has put in place a broad range of environmental legislation. As a result, air, water and soil pollution has significantly been reduced. Chemicals legislation has been modernised and the use of many toxic or hazardous substances has been restricted. Today, EU citizens enjoy some of the best water quality in the world and over 18% of EU's territory has been d...
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New EU investment in sustainable forestry across Ireland

Crucial new investment to strengthen green infrastructure, benefit biodiversity and adapt infrastructure to a changing climate has been unlocked by the Natural Capital Financial Facility, a EUR 400 million initiative intended to better protect Europe’s natural capital. The unique scheme is now looking to expand cooperation with partners across Europe to enhance investment that better supports n...
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