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Soil contamination: the unsettling legacy of industrialisation

Soil contamination is an issue that is strongly linked to our common past and part of the story of how Europe first became the industrial and later the environmental frontrunner in the world.  The European Environment Agency talked to Mark Kibblewhite, Emeritus Professor at Cranfield University, United Kingdom, and one of Europe’s leading soil experts, to better understand the issue of soil contam...
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The cost of not carrying out Environmental Due Diligence can run to Millions as Events D.C. found out.

environmental due diligence
Events D.C., the city’s conventions and sports authority, is raising the price tag of planned community sports fields at the RFK Stadium campus due to the discovery of lead in the soil at the site.  The Events D.C. board on Thursday approved a budget increase of roughly $3.7 million to cover lead remediation. That amount is on top of $2 million the agency already set aside for soil remediation at ...
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Scientist uses bacteria to clean contaminated soil

Findings in environmental science are rarely applied commercially. Ray Sambrotto, a microbiologist and associate professor at Columbia University's Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory co-founded Allied Microbiota with Frana James, drawing on five years of exploratory research to identify microbes capable of remediating contaminated soil to address the legacy of environmental pollutants. Contaminated...
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How soil contamination is affecting our food and putting our health at risk – a new FAO report

There are approximately 3 million potentially polluted sites in the European Economic Area and the West Balkans. Soil pollution poses a worrisome threat to agricultural productivity, food safety, and human health, but far too little is known about the scale and severity of that threat, warns a new FAO report released on 2nd May in Rome.  Industrialization, war, mining and the intensification o...
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Soil and Groundwater remediation procedures – In-Situ Remediation vs Ex-Situ Remediation vs Mass Transfer

Because of the vast number of polluted sites requiring cleaning, choosing the most effective, ecological and cost-efficient cleaning technology and method makes a big difference on a global scale” — Miiro Jääskeläinen Societies need to move forward with soil and groundwater remediation procedures. In-situ remediation and site specific risk assessment procedures will greatly increase ecologi...
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Diffuse Pollution explained

Diffuse Pollution
Diffuse source water pollution is less commonly recognised than point source water pollution because it arises in a catchment from many different sources that do not have an obvious discharge point. Diffuse pollution is caused when pollutants from a range of dispersed urban and rural land use activities contaminate our waterways and groundwater as a result of rainfall, soil infiltration and su...
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Consequences of Oil Spill incidents

The potential consequences to the environment and to an organisation of an oil spillage are frequently overlooked or insufficiently appreciated. Oil may escape a storage facility either as a single catastrophic spillage or through a prolonged low level of initially undetected seepage, which can often be equally or potentially more damaging. A five-litre spill for example can contaminate one mill...
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