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Half of urban wastewater not treated to basic EU standards – EPA report

Half of urban wastewater not treated to basic EU standards - EPA report It could take another two decades to stop waste water being pumped into rivers, lakes and seas but Irish Water has “no clear plan” on how to get there, the environmental watchdog has said in a damning new report.  Ongoing “unacceptable delays” mean dozens of towns and villages across the country continue to pollute. Accordin...
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Medicine and Personal Care Products Polluting Waterways – Study

A new study in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry has found that the compounds in our medicines and personal care products can not be broken down by the bacteria in our waterways. It turns out the medicine and personal care products we use may be having some quite detrimental effects in our sewage treatment plants, streams, rivers, lakes, bays and the ocean. Testing sludge bacter...
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Irish Water clears massive 8ft sewage blockage in Wicklow

Irish Water have urged residents in Wicklow to ‘Think Before You Flush’, after a massive sewage blockage was cleared from the Bollarney Wastewater Pumping Station, Wicklow, over the weekend by Wicklow County Council staff, working on behalf of Irish Water. This was the third blockage in one day at the station. The blockage occurred as a result of inappropriate items, such as wet wipes, cotton bud ...
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Water pollution – the drastic impact it is having on our environment.

Why is water an environmental concern? Water pollution is an increasingly dangerous problem, affecting people across the world. Some people believe that water pollution is an unavoidable result of human activity. That, if we want to have cars, ships, factories and oil, we must predict and accept pollution to some extent. However, this is far from the truth. The economic cost of water polluti...
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