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Suspected pollution turns Carrowbeg river in Westport into ‘white foaming flood’

Suspected pollution turns Carrowbeg river in Westport into ‘white foaming flood’ An incident in which the Carrowbeg river in Westport, Co Mayo was turned white with foam from suspected detergent, is being investigated by Inland Fisheries Ireland.  No major fish kills have been reported but the incident has prompted the fisheries body, which operates under the remit of the Department of Environmen...
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Blue Dot project will improve the environment and its water quality

A five-year pilot project recently launched under the IRD Duhallow rural development group will develop a farmer-focused approach to simultaneously supporting local agriculture and enhancing the freshwater environment. Working closely with farmers in the North Cork catchments of the Rivers Allow, Dalua and Owenanare - which are home to a variety of rare and protected species, including otter, salm...
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Suspected ‘pollution incident’ turns UK River blue

A mysterious substance that has turned a tributary of a river in the West Country bright blue is being investigated by the UK Environment Agency.  Tests are being carried out on the River Frome in Somerset this weekend after the water turned a luminous colour. The Environment Agency said it was treating it as a suspected pollution incident but there were no reports of dead wildlife.  Test results ...
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Inland Fisheries confirm 6.5km of Laois river polluted by silage effluent

Inland Fisheries Ireland has confirmed that "thousands of fish have been killed over a 6.5 stretch" of the Owenass river in Laois.  The river rises in the Slieve Bloom Mountains and flows through Mountmellick town and on into the Barrow river, both Special Areas of Protection. It was hit late last week by pollution with more and more fish found dead as days went by. The fish killed are mainl...
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Pollution fish kill in Laois river rises to thousands

The number of fish killed by suspected silage runoff pollution in a Laois river has risen to thousands say the local angling club. Mountmellick Angling Club is counting the cost of the pollution to the Owenass river which they say will take 10 to 15 years to recover. Tommy Quigley their government appointed Water Keeper was wading through the river in Mountmellick this Sunday morning June 23. De...
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Rivers in Northern Ireland struggle to meet EU targets

Ambitious targets for cleaning up Northern Ireland's rivers will be very difficult to meet, according to a former government scientist. Bob Foy said it would be hard to improve water quality in many of the 450 rivers in Northern Ireland. Fewer than one in three are in good or high condition under a mandatory EU framework.  Mr Foy, who spent 40 years working on water quality, says getting the rest...
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Smith calls for action plan to tackle plastic pollution in rivers and lakes

A local Fianna Fáil TD has written to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action, and Environment to express his concern at the high level of plastic pollution in lakes and rivers following representations from individuals and organisations. “It is clear to anyone who walks by, sails on, or uses our rivers or lakes how badly plastic pollution has become," explained Deputy Brendan Smith. "I...
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Who polices the polluters of the State’s rivers, lakes and canals?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces licences issued to Irish Water for operating waste-water treatment plants and industrial/waste licences issued to industry.  So the agency prosecutes water-pollution cases, and it brought nine prosecutions against Irish Water in 2017 for causing pollution to surface water and groundwater, resulting in fines totalling €69,400. All prosecutions t...
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Link discovered between microplastics in rivers and wastewater treatment plants

Microplastics in rivers have been found in much higher concentrations downstream from wastewater treatment plants, researchers have found. In one of the first studies to identify potential sources of microplastics pollution, scientists from the University of Leeds measured microplastics concentrations up and downstream of six wastewater treatment plants in northern England.  All of the plants wer...
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