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Don’t cut corners on due diligence in commercial real estate transactions

People routinely involved in commercial real estate transactions recognize the due diligence stage as one of the most critical times. Typically occurring for an average of 30-90 days after the signing of the initial contract, the due diligence phase is often when most deals fall apart, if they are going to do so. Why? Because it's when most of the dirty laundry comes out and property defects, titl...
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Embedding Sustainability in Real Estate Transactions

While the real estate industry has become much better at integrating sustainability into new development projects, owners and developers have been less successful at driving sustainability in existing buildings. The market is not collectively taking advantage of the period when a building changes hands as an opportunity to address the financing of energy efficiency and sustainability features. ...
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Real estate planning and environmental considerations in Ireland

The government authorities that regulate planning and zoning for real estate development and use and extent of their powers Responsibility for regulating development and designated use of real estate typically lies with local planning authorities. Appeals are referred to An Bord Pleanála (The Planning Board) (ABP), which was set up by the government to operate an open and impartial planning app...
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Comprehensive overview of conducting Real Estate transactions in Ireland

environmental due diligence
Current trends in and future prospects for the real estate market (both commercial and residential) in Ireland The office market saw a record year of leasing in 2017, primarily in Dublin. In addition to natural growth, market analysis suggests Brexit added additional demand for office space. In the residential sector, house prices rose an average of 12.3% in 2017, mainly due to a continued l...
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Optimizing Environmental Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Brownfield Site Assessment
Article courtesy of Commercial Property Executive, 13th February 2018 To accurately determine the extent of environmental impact on a property, it’s important to understand both current and historical tenant operations. Environmental Risk Factors, by Asset Type Multifamily: Often, the environmental hazards that affect apartment communities are caused by contamination from neighboring areas, suc...
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