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How does Europe get to zero pollution?

How does Europe get to zero pollution? The European Union has embarked on ambitious plans to drastically reduce emissions and pollution over the coming decades. Part of this includes the recently launched Zero Pollution Action Plan which will focus on cutting air, water and soil pollution to levels no longer considered harmful to human health and the environment. A lot has been said about the ...
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Rise in plastic pollution a ‘planetary emergency’ – EIA

Rise in plastic pollution a ‘planetary emergency’ – EIA The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) says that a predicted rise in plastic pollution constitutes a ‘planetary emergency’.  The Agency which investigates and campaigns against ‘environmental crime and abuse’, says ‘addiction to plastic’ and failure to prevent it contaminating the food web ‘directly undermines’ human health, drives bio...
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EPA launches next generation Pollution Impact Potential maps

EPA launches next generation Pollution Impact Potential maps Pollutant Impact Potential (PIP) maps for Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) have been generated to show the highest risk areas in the landscape for losses of N and P to waters. These maps, including flow paths and delivery points, do not indicate specific areas that have a problem, and they are not designed or suitable to be used on their...
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Microplastics found in 90% of protected Irish marine environments – study

Microplastics found in 90% of protected Irish marine environments – study Mircoplastics have been documented in over 90 per cent of Ireland’s protected marine environments in the first major study aimed at understanding the true extent of pollution around the entire coast.   Of 87 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs), 79 were found to have the man-made material...
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Environmental coalition ‘reluctantly’ withdraws from agri-food committee

Environmental coalition ‘reluctantly’ withdraws from agri-food committee Ireland’s coalition of environmental groups has “reluctantly withdrawn” from the Agri-Food 2030 Strategy Committee having concluded a draft strategy “is woefully inadequate to meet the social and environmental challenges we face”.  The Environmental Pillar (EP) had been a member of the Department of Agriculture-established c...
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Moving towards zero pollution in Europe – EEA report

Moving towards zero pollution in Europe - EEA report What is pollution and how does it affect us and the environment? Europe is taking action to reduce pollution and, as part of the European Green Deal, the European Commission put forward a zero-pollution ambition for Europe. A new European Environment Agency (EEA) report, published today, looks at the pollution challenge in Europe from differe...
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Green Deal – EU Commission adopts new Chemicals Strategy towards a toxic-free environment

EU Commission adopts new chemicals Strategy towards a toxic-free environment. Today, the European Commission adopted the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. The Strategy is the first step towards a zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment announced in the European Green Deal. The Strategy will boost innovation for safe and sustainable chemicals, and increase protection of human ...
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Breakthrough Could Remove Polluting Materials from Environment

Trinity chemists have created a new self-assembling 2D material that could remove polluting and hazardous materials from the environment, a breakthrough that could help spur advancements in health and technology.  The new technology, whose lead author was Prof Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson from the College’s School of Chemistry, could make it possible to remove polluting and hazardous material...
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EPA head says tackling climate change must include optimism for our future

The head of the state's environmental watchdog has warned about rising levels of eco-fatigue and eco-anxiety in the young.  Laura Burke, director general of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said while science shows that the challenges posed by the climate crisis are substantial and could be considered overwhelming, we must find ways to "match the uncomfortable evidence with optimism for t...
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Cleaning pollutants from water with pollen and spores

In addition to their role in plant fertilization and reproduction, pollens and spores have another, hidden talent: With a simple treatment, these cheap, abundant and renewable grains can be converted into tiny sponge-like particles that can grab on to pollutants and remove them from water, scientists report. Even better, these treated particles don't trigger allergies. The researchers will present...
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