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Pollinators: importance for nature, drivers of decline and the need for monitoring

Pollinators provide many significant benefits to humankind and the environment. However, there is an ongoing and dramatic decline in the number and diversity of pollinating species in Europe and around the world. Pollinating species include bees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths, and some vertebrate species such as birds and bats. Many pollinator species are extinct or threatened with extinction....
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Scientists make fresh call for policy makers to protect pollinators – study

Pollinating insects could thrive if improvements are made to agri-environment schemes across Europe, according to a new collaborative study involving scientists from Trinity.  More than 20 pollinator experts from 18 different countries looked at a range of wildlife habitats on farmland– named Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) – to determine how well they support insect pollinators such as bumblebees, ...
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EU action plan for restoring a key habitat for wild pollinators

Europe depends on biodiversity for its prosperity and quality of life, but Europe’s ecosystems continue to be degraded at an alarming rate. The European Commission has published a first action plan to maintain and restore dry calcareous grasslands – one of the most species-rich and most threatened European habitat, of vital importance for wild bees, butterflies and moths. This action plan is...
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Roadside verges crucial for bees and butterflies

Roadside verges must be managed better to attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies, a report has said.  With 97% of wildflower meadows lost since the 1930s, the new study from the University of Exeter emphasises the vital role that road verges could play in conserving pollinators and other wildlife. Researchers surveyed flowers and pollinators at 19 sites, using transect cou...
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