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Hear Verde on Midwest Radio’s Ours to Protect series

Hear Verde on Midwest Radio's Ours to Protect series Dr. Gary Canny BSc PhD MCIWEM MAE, Technical Manager of Verde Remediation Services Ltd was invited to participate on Midwest Radio Ours to Protect series. Hear Gary discuss fuel spillages, their potential damages and what to do in the event of a spillage. Verde Remediation Services are Ireland’s largest oil spill remediation company a...
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OHSI Conference Report – Competence During Oil Spills by Verde’s Gary Canny

OHSI Conference Report - Competence During Oil Spills by Verde's Gary Canny This year’s Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland (OHSI) conference brought together experts in the area of asbestos, carcinogens, chemicals, and oil spill remediations, with energised discussions from experienced panel speakers on air quality and emerging risks. Over ninety attendees, made up of occupational hygiene...
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Water outages in Co Kerry after oil leak in River Feale

oil leak in river
Water outages in Co Kerry after oil leak in River Feale Authorities in Kerry are trying to identify the source of an oil leak which has entered the River Feale, the main source of water for the Listowel and surrounding North Kerry area, and an important salmon and sea trout river.  The Water Treatment Plant at Dromin was shut down overnight as the oil leak was believed to be close to the water in...
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Dispersants Can Be an Effective Tool for Managing Marine Oil Spill Impacts, Report

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine examines the effects and efficacy of using dispersants in marine oil spill response. Dispersants reduce oil at the water’s surface by promoting the formation and diffusion of small oil droplets that may biodegrade more readily.  Field and modeling studies show that dispersants can be a useful tool for oil spill respons...
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Limerick family who claim they suffered respiratory issues after oil spill settle actions

A Limerick family who claimed they suffered respiratory type problems as a result of an alleged leak of kerosene heating oil from another property on their housing estate has settled five different actions at the High Court for a total sum in the region of six figures.  The family who lived in The Meadows housing estate at Murroe, Co Limerick sued over breathing in fumes from an oil spill allegedl...
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Product Focus – Oil Only Absorbents

Verde supplies a specialised range of high quality oil only absorbent and chemical binders, providing our clients with the best absorbent and binding materials available on the market today for use in dealing with environmental contamination both inside and out. All oil-only products will float indefinitely up to full saturation. Manufactured from high tensile strength polypropylene, the pro...
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Calgary university utilizing investigative tool for wildfires, oil spills

A crime-scene-type tool is being used by an Alberta university to help investigators looking into the cause of wildfires, arsons and oil spills.  Gwen O’Sullivan of Mount Royal University in Calgary said the $550,000 mass spectrometer separates complex mixtures and can detect chemical compounds at very low levels. She says that makes it possible to determine if flammable liquids were used to start...
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What to look out for when buying your new home…is there an oil tank on site?

Oil Leak Clean Up
The National Planning Framework has a National Policy Objective (No 32) to target the delivery of 550,000 additional households by 2040. There will be an increased need for engineers and related professionals, such as remediation experts to provide an excellent service to house buyers as they embark on what for many will be the biggest investment of their lives. Safety A safe place to live is...
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Ensure the tap on your oil tank is closed

This is a picture of an unfortunate oil spill incident we were called in to remediate which could have been avoided. The oil tank was filled with oil without the homeowner or delivery driver realising that the tap at the tank was open. Unfortunately all the oil leaked out through the open tap and you can see the damage it has caused. Related Blog posts Manage the risk of an oil spill i...
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Oil Tank Corrosion

Spending on home renovations, whilst ignoring their corroded oil tank has proved costly to one home owner. Following from our recent blog on managing the risk of an oil spill incident, Step 1 suggested one of the possible sources of risk of an oil spill was: Damage, corrosion and wear and tear on pipework and metal oil tanks. We were recently called to a newly renovated residence, following an o...
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