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Oil Spill Clean Up Equipment in use at a property in Co. Laois

At a property recently where the homeowner suffered a loss of 200 litres of heating oil from a leak in a fitting at the oil tank, part of the remediation (clean up) process necessitated excavation of contaminated soil and fill material in the back garden. Then we applied our oil spill response equipment: Absorbent materials were applied to the standing water in the excavation to remove any...
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Verde demonstrates their Oil Spill Response Equipment to Film Location Managers

After being called to an emergency oil spill incident on a film location site in Co. Wicklow recently where 280l of diesel fuel had leaked from a faulty pipe on a generator truck, we advised on best practice in terms of cleaning it up, i.e. what oil spill products to use and how to correctly dispose of the resultant waste. Using our oil spill products, the site was remediated before any environmen...
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Environmental issues for Irish data centres

Some of the specific data centre environmental issues that are relevant to data centre operations are: Fuel storage and dangerous substances The Seveso III Directive is aimed at preventing major accidents involving dangerous substances and limiting the consequences in the event of such a major accident. If a data center stores 2,500 tonnes or more of gas oil (i.e. diesel fuel) for the purpos...
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Introducing our NEW DEDICATED OIL SPILL CLEAN UP Website! Everything you need to know about cleaning up an oil spill on your property is now just a click away! We know how stressful an oil spill can be, so we have created our new easy to navigate and user-friendly dedicated oil spill clean-up website to reassure you that although it is a first time for you, it is the 3,...
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Can your split ends help to clean oil spills?

On March 24, 1989, the world became aware of an environmental calamity in Alaska as an Exxon Valdez oil tanker spewed millions of crude oil into the Alaskan waters.  The tragic news grasped the attention of Phil McCrory, a hairdresser in Alabama. McCrory watched heart-wrenching footages of an otter covered in oil on television and did not manage to get the images out of his head.  With zero experi...
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What to look out for when buying your new home…is there an oil tank on site?

Oil Leak Clean Up
The National Planning Framework has a National Policy Objective (No 32) to target the delivery of 550,000 additional households by 2040. There will be an increased need for engineers and related professionals, such as remediation experts to provide an excellent service to house buyers as they embark on what for many will be the biggest investment of their lives. Safety A safe place to live is...
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Consequences of Oil Spill incidents

The potential consequences to the environment and to an organisation of an oil spillage are frequently overlooked or insufficiently appreciated. Oil may escape a storage facility either as a single catastrophic spillage or through a prolonged low level of initially undetected seepage, which can often be equally or potentially more damaging. A five-litre spill for example can contaminate one mill...
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Remediation of Oil Spills

Dr. Gary Canny, PhD, BSc Env, Technical Manager of Verde Remediation Services Ltd will be presenting on The Management and Remediation of Oil Spills at #buildeng 2017, a Conference for Construction Professionals on Friday 29th September at City North Hotel, Gormanston, Co. Meath.
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Excellence in Customer Service

Excellence in Customer Service is core to our oil spill remediation business.  Definition: The degree of assistance and courtesy granted those who patronize a business. Service is the extent to which a service meets the customer's needs and expectations. Whereas excellent service is when these experiences are surpassed and when customers feel that they have received that little unexpected extra ...
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