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Microplastics found in 90% of protected Irish marine environments – study

Microplastics found in 90% of protected Irish marine environments – study Mircoplastics have been documented in over 90 per cent of Ireland’s protected marine environments in the first major study aimed at understanding the true extent of pollution around the entire coast.   Of 87 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs), 79 were found to have the man-made material...
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40-times more plastic in soils than in waters

Overall, around 5,120 tons of the seven types of plastic are discharged into the environment each year. According to Empa's modelling, around 4,400 tons of macroplastic are deposited on soils every year. In addition, about 100 tons of macroplastic are emitted to waters. 600 tons of microplastics end up in or on soils and about 15 tons in waters. The amount of microplastics is thus much smaller tha...
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Microplastics widespread in our environment, warns UCC Professor

Microplastics are small plastic pieces 5 mm or less, either produced as small pieces such as microbeads or worn down from larger plastic waste. While research on the impacts of microplastics is still in the early stages, Professor Marcel Jansen of University College Cork recently warned that any negative consequence could be serious given the widespread presence of these small plastics in the envi...
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Legislation on microplastics missing globally, UN report

While legislation to tackle plastic waste increases globally, microplastic pollution remains an overlooked problem, a new UN report has revealed.  The new report Legal Limits on Single-Use Plastics and Microplastics found that, despite a rise in bans on plastic bags, other single-use plastic products such as microbeads remain largely overlooked. According to the joint report from the UN Environmen...
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Link discovered between microplastics in rivers and wastewater treatment plants

Microplastics in rivers have been found in much higher concentrations downstream from wastewater treatment plants, researchers have found. In one of the first studies to identify potential sources of microplastics pollution, scientists from the University of Leeds measured microplastics concentrations up and downstream of six wastewater treatment plants in northern England.  All of the plants wer...
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