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Flushed wet wipes damaging marine environment – survey

The rise in wet wipes found on Irish beaches is one of the striking trends reported by volunteers participating in the 2018 Coastwatch Survey, which concludes this week.  The annual "eco-audit" of the coast involves more than 700 volunteers who survey more than 500 sites. Coastwatch says many volunteers have reported "long ropes" of wet wipes ending up on coastlines.  It says people are still f...
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LIFE and the Marine Environment – EU Publication

The EU issued a new publlication on LIFE & the Marine Environment, which covers all aspects of the EU LIFE programme in the marine environment such as Marine Protected Areas, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Birds and Habitats, Natura 2000, Marine litter, fisheries & aquaculture. Clean and healthy oceans are crucial to the wellbeing of our planet. When the Ocean makes up 70% of ...
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