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15.6% of Ireland unpolluted from litter

Minister Denis Naughten published the 2017 National Litter Pollution Report yesterday. litter; pollution; cigarette waste In summary the 2017 Litter Pollution Monitoring System Report reveals that: 15.6% of areas surveyed were litter free, the second highest level ever achieved and an increase of 2.4% when compared to 2016 results. 63.9% of areas surveyed were slightly littered. T...
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Diffuse Pollution explained

Diffuse Pollution
Diffuse source water pollution is less commonly recognised than point source water pollution because it arises in a catchment from many different sources that do not have an obvious discharge point. Diffuse pollution is caused when pollutants from a range of dispersed urban and rural land use activities contaminate our waterways and groundwater as a result of rainfall, soil infiltration and su...
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