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Impact of land use on vegetation productivity in Europe

Impact of land use on vegetation productivity in Europe Ecosystem degradation threatens biodiversity and resilience to climate change, and tackling it is a major goal of EU environmental policy. Vegetation productivity is a key indicator of ecosystem condition and can be used to monitor the effects of climate, land use and land use change. From 2000 to 2016, productivity in Europe showed a region...
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Ireland needs needs more detailed land-use maps

Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe that does not have precise and detailed maps of how land is used and how land use is changing over time.  As we become more alert to the high levels of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural land use and the detrimental effects of climate change on land, experts agree that clear and accurate information on the different types of land...
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Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use Measures – Climate Action Plan 2019

Ireland’s Climate Action Plan proposes a comprehensive and wide-ranging set of measures for agriculture, forestry and land use. In this article, we provide a helpful summary of the most significant aspects relating to these industries. 1. Reducing emissions on our farms Achieve 16.5-18.5 MtCO2eq. cumulative methane and nitrous oxide emissions abatement between 2021 and 2030, including through ...
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