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EU asks Ireland to explain lack of plan to tackle invasive species

EU asks Ireland to explain lack of plan to tackle invasive species Ireland has been asked by the European Commission to explain why it has not established a plan to tackle invasive species getting into the ecosystem, despite regulations being laid down seven years ago.  Far from being the only offender in the EU, Ireland was among 18 member states cited by the Commission for failing to implement ...
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LIFE and the Marine Environment – EU Publication

The EU issued a new publlication on LIFE & the Marine Environment, which covers all aspects of the EU LIFE programme in the marine environment such as Marine Protected Areas, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Birds and Habitats, Natura 2000, Marine litter, fisheries & aquaculture. Clean and healthy oceans are crucial to the wellbeing of our planet. When the Ocean makes up 70% of ...
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Invasive Species Week, 23-29 March 2018

Image courtesy of National Biodiversity Data Centre According to the National Biodiversity Data Centre, the number of invasive species in Ireland has increased by 183 per cent in the past 50 years. Invasive species were estimated to have cost the economies of Ireland and Northern Ireland a combined total of over €261million in 2013 and are a major threat to our native flora and fauna. At ...
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