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Ireland’s Industrial Pollution Figures 2017, EEA Report

The European Environment Agency has published how Ireland is faring when it comes to industrial pollution., summarising key data related to industry: its relevance with respect to economic contributions, energy and water consumption, as well as air and water emissions and waste generation.  In 2017, industry in Ireland was responsible for: 23.01 % of energy consumed...
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Chinese Factory Paints Rocks Green To Fool Environment Bureau

A factory in eastern China’s Shandong province has taken a literal approach to “going green” by covering the land around it with green spray paint in an unsuccessful bid to deceive environmental authorities. The environment bureau in the city of Xintai has shut down a stone processing plant owned by Changsheng Mining Industry Co. Ltd. after workers painted the surrounding area green, according to...
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EEA Report finds increase in Industrial Pollution to urban wastewater treatment plants.

Direct emissions released to water bodies from Europe’s large industrial sites have decreased in recent years for many pollutants. However, industrial pollution transferred through the sewer systems to urban waste water treatment plants (UWWTPs) has slightly increased, putting pressure on the waste water treatment infrastructure. While EU legislation tracks emissions from large industries, the ...
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No definitive timeline for resumption of Haulbowline remediation

Clean-up works on of one of Ireland’s worst cases of industrial pollution, the former Ispat/Irish Steel site on Haulbowline Island in Cork Harbour, have been delayed indefinitely.  Three heavily contaminated sites on the island were to have been remediated by last July but, with only one – the former east tip – remediated so far, plant and equipment were taken off the island in the latter half of ...
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Possible Banksy artwork depicting industrial pollution appears in Port Talbot

World-famous street artist Banksy is believed to have visited Port Talbot in Wales, leaving a new artwork behind that appears to comment on the town’s industrial heritage.  The painting appeared on two walls of a garage in the Taibach area overnight and shows a child playing in the falling ash and smoke from a fire in a skip. The owner of the garage, Ian Lewis, 55, a steelworker for the town’s Ta...
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Industrial pollution & mercury are a problem impacting our health and environment.

The EEA report ‘Mercury in Europe’s environment – A priority for European and global action’ describes the problem of mercury pollution and the challenges in addressing the issue globally. From dental fillings to fish we eat, we might all be exposed to mercury. According to the report, mercury presents the biggest risk in rivers, lakes and oceans where it takes a highly toxic form that is absor...
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