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Modern incinerators still emit dangerous pollutants, report finds

Even the world’s most modern waste incinerators still emit dangerous pollutants far beyond EU toxic emissions limit, a new study has revealed.  The study conducted by the Toxicowatch Foundation examined a state-of-art waste-to-energy plant in the Netherlands.  The researcher analysed chicken eggs within a two-kilometre range of the modern rubbish incinerator, finding a level of contamination that ...
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Covanta’s quest to process more waste sparks increased air pollution concerns

There is one irrefutable assertion that applies to large, modern incinerators: they are ferocious consumers of raw materials. In the case of Covanta’s “waste to energy” plant in Poolbeg, Dublin, it’s consuming 1,800 tonnes of solid waste per day. Covanta is seeking talks with An Bord Pleanála on the potential to burn an additional 90,000 tonnes of waste annually at the plant. The ...
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