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Project aims to control spread of Giant Hogweed on River Loobagh

Limerick City and County Councils have embarked on a three year project to control the spread of Giant Hogweed on the River Loobagh near Kilmallock. The plant, which can grow up to five metres in height, is one of the most unwanted invasive species in Ireland.  Introduced into Ireland and Britain in the 19th century as a Victorian Garden curiosity, it "escaped" into the wild firstly in the Dublin...
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Landowners – Know your Invasive Alien Weed Species

Although they may actually look attractive and provide great cover - BEWARE.  These are invasive species of weeds which are now being controlled by  EU regulations. The European Commission has recently added a further nine plant species to the current list of 14 species covered. The invasive weed species can be divided into two groups: In October 2017, Ireland’s 3rd National Biodi...
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