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Rocketing demand for fossil fuels could deal blow to climate goals, report says

Rocketing demand for fossil fuels could deal blow to climate goals, report says Global oil prices have climbed to $90 a barrel, which could tempt investors to pile more cash into long-term fossil fuel projects, dashing the world’s hopes to limit carbon emissions in line with climate targets and wasting billions in investment, according to a report.  Recent price rises could mean more potential pr...
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Behavioural change key to determine energy future

Behavioural change will play a significant role in future global energy trends, a University College Cork (UCC) climate expert has said.  Speaking at an energy lecture presented by the Irish Royal Academy on Monday, Dr Paul Deane said that human behaviour would be a crucial factor in determining the world’s energy future.  “Technology changes are simply not enough, we really need to start looking ...
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Ireland becomes world’s first country to divest from fossil fuels

Ireland has become the first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels, which is viewed as the biggest contributor to climate change. The Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill passed in the Dáil this afternoon.  The Bill, proposed by the Independent TD Thomas Pringle, prohibits the Government's Strategic Investment Fund from investing in fossil fuels.   It must now pass through the Seanad. ...
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15 Projects That Could Quash Air Pollution Around the World

Source: Stefano Boeri Architetti
Thankfully, we're closer to solving the problem than ever before. With cutting-edge technologies, government initiatives, and innovative projects we could finally put an end to air pollution once and for all. Here are some of the projects that can make a big impact. 1. Letting Citizens Test their Own Air Quality One of the best tools in the fight against air pollution is education. By educ...
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Failure of Ireland to meet greenhouse gas targets

Ireland is set to miss a European Union target set for greenhouse gas emission reductions, according to new Environmental Protection Agency projections. The EPA said that Ireland will achieve just a 1% reduction on 2005 emission levels by 2020, instead of the target of 20%. Missing the legally-binding target opens the possibility of the country facing large fines. The EPA says that strong econo...
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How the Sun affects the Environment – Solar energy

Without the Sun, Earth’s land, water, and air would all be frozen solid! Life on Earth would cease to exist as almost all living things rely on the steady light and heat of the Sun. The Sun’s heat makes liquid water on our planet possible. And all life that we know of needs liquid water to survive. Changes in the Sun’s brightness can change global temperatures. Luckily, the Sun, like most mi...
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