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Good news as climate policies deliver emissions cuts in some countries including Ireland

Efforts to cut climate emissions in countries including Ireland by switching to renewables and saving energy are starting to pay off, research has found.  Global greenhouse gas emissions which drive climate change continue to rise, but analysis of 18 developed countries whose pollution significantly declined in the decade from 2005 offer a "sliver of hope", according to a study published in the jo...
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Microbes, capillaries and why we need to change how we think about rivers

Connected smaller bodies of waters act as both buffers and filters for larger rivers and streams.  The fact that something is unseen does not make it unimportant. Think of your own circulatory system. You can see some veins in your hands and arms, and feel the pulse in your carotid artery with your finger. But you can’t see the capillaries – tiny channels that support vital processes. Nutrients, o...
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Calling time on fossil fuel subsidies – UN

UN Environment is working with governments to collect internationally coherent data on fossil fuel subsidies that can help advance global efforts to address climate change. Gone are the days when you could fill up your car gas tank with US$20. Yet, despite the steady increases, gas prices are still artificially low, keeping transportation and national production costs relatively contained and int...
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