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Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss together

Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss together Climate change and biodiversity loss are twin crises that should be tackled together. Conserving, managing, and restoring ecosystems are key to success.  In addition to the direct impacts on the economy, societies and people’s health, rapidly advancing climate change negatively impacts many of the world’s species and ecosystems, driving biodi...
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Protecting the world’s forests : European Commission steps up EU action

The European Commission has set out a new framework of actions to protect and restore the world's forests, which host 80% of biodiversity on land, support the livelihoods of around a quarter of the world's population, and are vital to our efforts to fight climate change. The comprehensive Communication published last week introduces measures for enhanced international cooperation with s...
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EU ‘psychotic about environment’ says Brazil’s Bolsonaro

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro attacked the "environmental psychosis" of European leaders concerned over his administration's plans to develop the Amazon rainforest, and insisted that the numbers showing sharply increased rates of deforestation were "lies". Brazil's environmental track record has come into sharp focus in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe following the Mercosur deal with beef far...
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The Environment: Getting Better All The Time

Contrary to what you see reported in the news, the environment is, bit by bit, getting better. The latest evidence for this comes from France, which is becoming heavily re-forested. According to The Economist: Since 1990, thanks to better protection as well as to a decline in farming, France’s overall wooded or forested areas have increased by nearly 7%. And France is far from being alone. Across...
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Teagasc marks International Day of the Forests

Thursday, 21 March was ‘International Day of Forests’ and Teagasc highlighted the multiple benefits of well-sited and sustainably managed forests and woodlands, in particular as a viable on-farm resource.  It also ties in with The Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine report on Forests & Water, Achieving Objectives under Ireland’s River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021 Sustainable Fores...
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Positive impact that forests and trees have on Climate and Air Quality

Trees are well known to have a positive climate impact on Climate and Air Quality as they reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere by storing carbon in their woody tissues. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s estimates that one large urban tree can absorb 150kg of carbon dioxide a year, as well as filter some of the airborne pollutants, including fine particulates. A pr...
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