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Reducing the environmental impact of the global built environment sector

Reducing the environmental impact of the global built environment sector The construction sector, the real estate industry and city planners must give high priority to the same goal—to drastically reduce their climate impacts. Powerful, combined efforts are absolutely crucial for the potential to achieve the UN's sustainability goals. And what's more—everything has to happen very quickly. These a...
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Make nature part of ‘build build build’ policy, UK green watchdog says

Make nature part of 'build build build' policy, green watchdog says Instead of blaming protected newts for thwarting the “build build build” agenda, politicians and developers must incorporate green thinking into the design of new infrastructure, according to the chair of the government’s conservation watchdog.  Natural England’s Tony Juniper called on the government and planners to change their ...
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Large corporates don’t report enough on their environmental impact – research

Alliance for Corporate Transparency led by Frank Bold - an international consortium of lawyers from the Czech Republic - published a breakthrough analysis of the 1000 largest European companies on the quality of environmental, corruption and human rights disclosure. So far, no one in the world has conducted a major in-depth analysis of the non-financial portion of the annual reports of large corp...
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Scottish project tackles pills’ ‘environmental impact’

A new Scottish health project aims to tackle potential harm caused to the environment by pharmaceuticals.  An estimated 100 million treatments are prescribed every year in Scotland.  After a pill passes through a person's body, some of its compounds reach rivers, lochs and the sea because waste water plants cannot filter them out.  While the project team say there is ...
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New EU environmental standards for food, drink and milk industries

On 4 December 2019, the Commission published the Best Available Technique (BAT) conclusions, for the food, drink and milk (FDM) industry. The new standards stem from a review of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document (BREF) for Food, Drink and Milk Industries. They help national authorities lower the environmental impact of around 2 800 FDM installations. Key environmental ...
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Halloween’s Scary Environmental Toll

The scariest part about Halloween is how much plastic we produce, according to climate charities - and they're calling on consumers to be more sustainable this year. In 2013, Irish consumers spent almost €40 million on Halloween, on everything from costumes to sweets and decorations. In 2014, one in five participants in a Webloyalty survey planned to buy their costume in a discount store, while ov...
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Investors will give up gains for sustainable options – study

Investors are prepared to sacrifice gains for investment choices that are sustainable socially and environmentally, a new study has found. The study by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in co-operation with the Investment Leaders Group, found that there was a strong preference for sustainable investing among consumers even when returns were 2 per cent or 3 per cen...
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Tackling football’s environmental impact – and a look towards Euro 2020

As the new football season kicks off around Europe, one LIFE project is looking to a new goal: to make football matches and stadiums more environmentally friendly and environmentally aware. From food to water consumption, stadium power to choice of suppliers, air travel to waste management, avenues exist throughout football where environmentally-friendly choices can help the game become more sust...
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Building on Dublin Bay ‘could help the environment’

Reclaiming Dublin Bay would help Ireland meet its climate targets, as well a providing much-needed housing for the city’s growing population, David Browne, president of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, has said. The Government’s Project Ireland 2040 plan, which aims to guide sustainable development, was not adequate, said Mr Browne, who is a director of RKD Architects.  “We need t...
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EU Commission pursuing Ireland for failing to fully transpose the EIA Directive

The European Commission is taking action against Ireland for a continued failure to ensure that peat extraction is properly assessed for environmental impacts as required under EU law. In its latest package of infringement decisions, the Commission said that it is pursuing Ireland for failing to fully transpose the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive. The Directive states that the po...
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