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How Environment influences health in Europe – report

Air and noise pollution, the impacts of climate change such as heatwaves, and exposure to dangerous chemicals cause ill health in Europe. Poor quality environments contribute to 13 % (one in every eight) of deaths according to a major assessment on health and environment released today by the European Environment Agency (EEA).Improving the health and well-being of European citizens is more importa...
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CSO publishes Environmental Indicators Ireland 2020 report

Recently the Central Statistics Office released its Environmental Indicators Report for 2020.  The Green News has summarised the main points  (note that while this report has “2020” in the title, the data in it predominantly sheds light on 2018 and 2019 trends. Data takes a while to collect, so we won’t have the breakdown on trends for 2020 until 2021/2022): Environmental Disimprovements T...
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Sharp increase in dumping and ‘backyard burning’ during lockdown, says EPA

Sharp increase in dumping and ‘backyard burning’ during lockdown, says EPA A sharp rise in household waste generated during the Covid-19 lockdown led to big increases in illegal dumping and “backyard burning”, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report Ireland in the Pandemic - Environmental Observations.  Enquiries to the EPA website increased four-fold during the lockdown per...
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Scientists warn UN sustainability goals pose more harm than good for environment

A team of scientists has warned that the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), designed to bring together environmental protection and socioeconomic development, are failing to protect biodiversity. The University of Queensland's Professor James Watson says as currently applied, the SDGs may actually serve as a smokescreen for further environmental destruction in the next decade. "T...
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Protecting the environment and climate is important for over 90% of European citizens – Eurobarometer Survey

According to a new Eurobarometer survey, published on 3rd March 2020, 94% of citizens in all EU Member States say that protecting the environment is important to them. In addition, 91% of citizens stated that climate change is a serious problem in the EU. European legislation is necessary to protect the environment, according to 83% of those surveyed.  The Eurobarometer Survey published today reve...
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Transport and Environment -EEA Report

The growing use of electric scooters and ride-hailing services is transforming how we move in urban centres — but walking, cycling and public transport remain the best way to improve sustainable mobility in cities, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) report published today. A separate EEA briefing on the environmental and climate impacts of transport finds that emissions of greenhouse...
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Role of European Environment — State and Outlook 2020

Earlier this month the European Environment Agency published its ‘European environment — state and outlook 2020 (SOER 2020)’ report. It concluded that Europe will not achieve its 2030 goals without urgent action during the next 10 years to address the alarming rate of biodiversity loss, increasing impacts of climate change and the overconsumption of natural resources. It also offered some key solu...
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State of the Environment Report 2020 – EEA

European Environment Agency’s state of environment report outlines the scale and urgency of environmental challenges facing Europe The European Environment Agency (EEA) today launched its State of the Environment Report 2020, “European Environment — state and outlook report” (SOER 2020). The EPA welcomes this report, which provides an overview of the state of Europe’s environment.  It highlight...
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Breakthrough Could Remove Polluting Materials from Environment

Trinity chemists have created a new self-assembling 2D material that could remove polluting and hazardous materials from the environment, a breakthrough that could help spur advancements in health and technology.  The new technology, whose lead author was Prof Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson from the College’s School of Chemistry, could make it possible to remove polluting and hazardous material...
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SAS CEO Warns Airlines to Get Real Over Environment

The CEO of Scandinavian Airlines operator SAS Group expects governments to put in place tougher regulations on airlines unless the industry makes significant progress on reducing its environmental impact.  Asked on an earnings call about the potential for further environmental taxes, Rickard Gustafson said it was clear that this was increasingly the direction of travel. “I believe that ...
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