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Europe’s huge untapped energy source

Waste heat from towns and cities is a huge untapped energy source in Europe. The Life4HeatRecovery project is looking to use it to heat our homes and supply our hot water. The average mid-sized supermarket in Europe produces enough waste heat from its refrigeration and air conditioning units in one year to be able to provide the thermal energy needs of 200 homes over the same period. It’s not j...
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Ireland’s Evolving Ten Year National Energy and Climate Plan

2019 is a landmark year for energy and environment. By the end of 2019, Member States, like Ireland, will be required to submit National Energy and Climate Plans 2021 – 2030 ("NECPs"). Each finalised NECP will serve two purposes: It will map out the national contribution to regional climate objectives. It will also provide the framework within which key sectors (like energy, construction, ...
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EU Energy Efficiency Directive – lessons learnt & future challenges before 2nd round of audits

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive came into force throughout the EU in 2012. This requires all large companies to have a high quality energy audit every four years. The Directive only applies to companies with more than 250 staff and its aim is to identify energy saving opportunities which can be easily done by an energy audit. EU directives allow for each member state to decide how to impleme...
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Businesses placing increased focus on monitoring energy usage

Research published last week by Pinergy, reveals how businesses are placing increased focus when it comes to monitoring their energy consumption and adjusting their usage to meet their budgets.  While results from the latest Pinergy Business Energy Monitor indicate that 51% of businesses are not monitoring and adjusting their energy consumption, this represents a marginal decrease of 6% since the ...
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Irish Energy Update: Overview of 2018

2020 Targets Even the relatively casual observer of the Irish energy sector will be familiar with the Irish government’s “40% by 2020” renewables target for electricity consumption. While a creditable 3.5GW of renewable generation capacity has been installed in Ireland to date (on average 140MW a year since 1993), mainly as onshore wind farms, it is estimated that a further 800MW of onshore win...
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What We Do

We deliver a breadth of environmental consultancy and contracting services to all sectors including:  *Industrial, *Commercial, *Residential, *Insurance, *Professional and the *Public Sector.          
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