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Significant drop in EU emissions in 2018 but effort needed to reach 2030 target

In Ireland, annual emission allocations were exceeded in 2017 by 3 Mt CO2e or 6%. Recent ESD emissions estimates indicate that the gap nearly doubled in 2018. Surplus allowances accumulated between 2013 and 2015 are currently still sufficient to cover the gap towards achieving Ireland's ESD target, but emissions have been steadily rising since 2014. The emaining surplus in 2018 is estimated to be ...
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Progress on energy efficiency in Europe

Energy efficiency continues to improve in Europe. In most countries, heating is where the largest share of energy is used in dwellings. Over the period 1990-2016, the energy efficiency of end-use sectors improved by 30 % in the EU-28 countries at an annual average rate of 1.4 %/year. These improvements were driven by improvements in the industry sector (1.8 %/year) and the households sector ...
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Dublin councils launch draft climate plans

Local authorities in Dublin have launched draft climate plans to drastically cut emissions and improve energy efficiency across the capital. The Draft Climate Change Action Plans 2019-2024 also outline how the four local authorities aim to make Dublin a climate and flooding resilient region and also actively engage with citizens on climate change. The councils have joined with Dublin’s Energ...
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Europe is expected to witness major opportunities for environmental consulting services, says Report

  According to the IMF, Europe's total GDP was $19.9 trillion in 2016 accounting for 26.7% of global GDP. Europe is one of the major global economic blocks. Many of the leading European countries are part of the European Union, a free trade and movement block with a single currency. Wastewater treatment in the European region has been improving constantly. In 2013, the region had about ...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help us protect the environment — or destroy it

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve exponentially. With environmental concerns ever more at the forefront, experts are turning to AI to find sustainable solutions. But the technology also presents risks. Today, we can pull out our smart phones and use various apps to enhance our everyday lives. Digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri are able to complete a number of...
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Governance agreement on EU Energy Union reached

An ambitious political agreement on the governance of the Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy was reached today between negotiators from the European Parliament, Council and European Commission. The new governance system will help to ensure that the EU and the Member States achieve their 2030 goals on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, renewables an...
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