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Ireland ranked ‘among worst performers’ in 2021 climate rankings

Ireland ranked ‘among worst performers’ in 2021 climate rankings Ireland’s ranking in addressing the climate crisis continues to be in the “low performance category”, and has declined by 7 places over the past year, according to the 2022 Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI). Ireland ranks 46th in this year’s listings, down from 39th place in 2020, in spite of scaling up ambitions and adopti...
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Ecology and climate & energy consultancy tipped for growth

Environment Analyst has released its UK Environmental Consulting Service Area Opportunities 2019 report - providing in-depth market data and qualitative analysis of the drivers and constraints across eleven core EC disciplines [see below for full list]. It shines a light on the sector’s hotspots – notably ecology and climate change & energy – as well as those which are less than dynamic such a...
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Can a unified path for development and conservation lead to a better future?

There is an emerging model for cross-sector collaboration that aims to create a world ready for the sustainability challenges ahead. Is this world possible? In The Nature Conservancy's The Science of Sustainability report, the answer is  “Yes”—but it will require new forms of collaboration across traditionally disconnected sectors, and on a near unprecedented scale. Many assume that economic...
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Positive impact that forests and trees have on Climate and Air Quality

Trees are well known to have a positive climate impact on Climate and Air Quality as they reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere by storing carbon in their woody tissues. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s estimates that one large urban tree can absorb 150kg of carbon dioxide a year, as well as filter some of the airborne pollutants, including fine particulates. A pr...
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