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Not taxing carbon would seriously undermine the State’s mitigation strategy

The Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action has held a series of public hearings on how Ireland’s carbon emissions can be reduced. It has gathered advice and expertise, including from leading climatologists who underlined the need for swift, unprecedented actions to decarbonise our economy and society. Asked to consider how recommendations on climate change from the Citizens’ Assembly can be adopt...
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Friends of the Earth warns Government over carbon tax

Friends of the Earth has called on the Government to include the carbon tax in a series of decarbonisation measures rather than increasing it as a stand-alone policy.  The organisation is urging the Government to take the lead on cutting emissions and making less polluting choices affordable and accessible for people. The call comes as Fine Gael party meets on Monday to review a range of option...
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Issuing of Carbon Cheques being considered by Irish Government

Carbon cheques to be distributed per capita in order to compensate for the increased costs brought about by carbon taxation,  is seriously being considered as an option in Ireland now. An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and others have pointed out that distributing the revenue from carbon tax in the form of carbon cheques would ensure that those who pollute less would gain financially. The cheques could...
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