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Government seeks public views on decarbonising by 2050

The Government is seeking the public views on how best to decarbonise Ireland beyond 2030 that are in line with its commitment to have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  The process asks key questions on how best to transform the economy, and retrofit almost all buildings in the country to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) and to make them energy efficient within three decades.  It also seeks views ...
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Public mood tested on the Environment

In the third and final part of the Kantar consumer sentiment opinion poll published in the Irish Independent, the public mood is tested on the environment, one of two big issues which have dominated the Government's agenda from the outset and as it nears its end. The findings show that the public remains conflicted in relation to environmental issues. In short, much work remains to be done to brin...
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Transition your Business to a Low Carbon Economy – Tips

By reducing your organisation’s carbon emissions, you are playing your part in delivering not only a positive impact on the environment, but taking the first step to creating a more resilient business that is prepared for the climate challenges & opportunities that lie ahead. Sign-up to the Low Carbon Pledge and join businesses all over Ireland in playing your role in transitioning Ireland ...
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Not taxing carbon would seriously undermine the State’s mitigation strategy

The Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action has held a series of public hearings on how Ireland’s carbon emissions can be reduced. It has gathered advice and expertise, including from leading climatologists who underlined the need for swift, unprecedented actions to decarbonise our economy and society. Asked to consider how recommendations on climate change from the Citizens’ Assembly can be adopt...
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Ireland’s total emissions from power plants and industry decreased in 2017

Ireland’s emissions from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have decreased for first time since 2013, new EU figures reveal.  However, cement industry emissions increased by 2.1 per cent and emissions from the food and drink increased by 2.5 per cent. The ETS monitors emissions of 12,000 airlines, power plants and industries and is responsible for regulating around 45 per cent of Europe’s carbo...
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