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Views vary on Brexit threat to environmental regulation

Is Brexit merely a cover-up for widespread deregulation in the UK, including  measures designed to reduce pollution, punish environmental offenders and protect habitats?  The greenest groups are convinced that the current Government at least is determined to dilute legal protections. Others see no such intent and believe that there may actually be opportunities to improve and enhance environmental...
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Potential Implications of Brexit on Environmental Law

Brexit has the potential to impinge on the efficacy of environmental law in protecting the Irish environment. As has been stated by many commentators, the same homogenous and inseparable eco-system will continue no matter what political borders exist on the island post Brexit. Therefore any disturbance to the effectiveness of environmental or planning law by Brexit could have a significant impact ...
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Johnson raises prospect of UK environmental rules diverging from the EU

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given the clearest indication yet that he envisages the UK diverging from EU environmental rules post-Brexit, declaring that the ability to introduce laws and regulations that differ from the EU "is the point of our exit".  In a letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk ahead of a series of meetings with EU leaders last week, Johnson set out...
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No deal Brexit bad for environment, says expert

A no-deal Brexit would see any meaningful conversation around environmental policy completely abandoned, a British expert has said.  Speaking recently at an event in DCU about the implications of Brexit on the environment, Professor Charlotte Burns said that the risks of a no-deal Brexit including an “economic crash in the UK” would see environmental issues being removed from the pol...
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UK Draft Environment Bill “Does Not Match EU Protections”

The Government’s draft Environment Bill does not match the current environmental protections provided by membership of the EU, according to the findings of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) Committee.  The Committee’s scrutiny of the draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill report is calling on the Government to make significant revisions to the Bill before presenting it to ...
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Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, Brexit & the Environment – Report

Unleashing the full potential of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement could address some of the main risks posed by Brexit to the environment of the island of Ireland, a new report has found. The independent report – commissioned by the Environmental Pillar and Northern Ireland Environment Link – examines the cross-border environmental co-operation supported by the Agreement.  Launched at an event...
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No-deal Brexit plans for maintaining environmental standards ‘suboptimal’, Gove admits

Environment secretary Michael Gove has admitted that the arrangements in place for maintaining EU environmental standards in the UK if there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit are “sub-optimal”. The UK government has pledged to uphold the EU’s environmental directives following Brexit. It is planning to set up a new body, called the Office for Environmental Protection, to take over the enforcement of these ...
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Environmental consulting defies Brexit worries

UK sector records solid growth again as nation's appetite (and we can assume same for Ireland) for infrastructure provides no shortage of opportunities, finds EA report. The UK environmental consulting (EC) market grew by 5.1% during 2017 to reach £1.74bn and is set for a similar 4.7% increase when figures are finalised for 2018, according to the latest research report published by Environm...
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No-deal Brexit would have an immediate effect on the environment

Environmental experts have called on MPs to rule out 'no-deal' after Theresa May faced a crushing defeat on her Brexit deal yesterday evening.  The House of Commons voted by 432 to 202 to reject the deal, representing the largest defeat for a sitting Government in history. The PM now faces a vote of no confidence in Parliament tomorrow, which could trigger a general election, although May is expec...
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New air pollution plans improve on EU rules, UK government claims

The UK government has set out new plans on air pollution that ministers say go beyond existing EU rules, with a pledge to improve air quality nationwide to the standards the World Health Organization (WH0) recommends. Farmers will be subject to such air quality regulations for the first time to cut their growing contribution to pollution, under the government plans set out on Monday, while diesel...
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