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Artificial Intelligence

Training AI Is Shockingly Costly to the Environment

We have seen the result of new artificial intelligence powered algorithms that can do everything from detect cancer to help drive cars.  AI is at the driving force of so many new technologies, but at what cost? A new report shows that a common AI training model can emit more than 626,000 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent. That’s about five times the lifetime emissions of the average car - i...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help us protect the environment — or destroy it

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve exponentially. With environmental concerns ever more at the forefront, experts are turning to AI to find sustainable solutions. But the technology also presents risks. Today, we can pull out our smart phones and use various apps to enhance our everyday lives. Digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri are able to complete a number of...
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