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UN Environment and Boston College establish Global Pollution Observatory

To provide decision-makers and development practitioners with real data on the comparative magnitude of health loss arising from pollution, Boston College together with UN Environment established a new research partnership today, to focus on reducing sources of pollution that kill 9 million people each year – quantifying the environmental burden of disease, human capital and sustainable economy an...
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Most EU states failing to meet air quality standards

Most European Union countries are failing to meet the bloc’s air quality standards, a new report has revealed.  The report released this week by the European Court of Auditors (ECA), the bloc’s financial watchdog, shows that exposure to high levels of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone contributes to 400,000 premature deaths annually. Urban dwellers in the EU are also m...
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Ensure development projects aren’t derailed by air quality concerns

Developers proposing projects that would have adverse impacts on air quality should anticipate refusal on air quality grounds. Here are some steps developers can take to make sure projects aren’t derailed by air quality concerns: Involve outside experts as soon as possible – ideally prior to site acquisition – so they can review design proposals and identify potential air quality issues an...
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15 Projects That Could Quash Air Pollution Around the World

Source: Stefano Boeri Architetti
Thankfully, we're closer to solving the problem than ever before. With cutting-edge technologies, government initiatives, and innovative projects we could finally put an end to air pollution once and for all. Here are some of the projects that can make a big impact. 1. Letting Citizens Test their Own Air Quality One of the best tools in the fight against air pollution is education. By educ...
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Older diesel vehicles banned from two major highways in Germany

Hamburg has banned older model diesel vehicles from two major highways, becoming the first German city to do so.  Cars without the Euro 6 technology standards are now prohibited from driving through Hamburg’s artery roads, Stresemannstrasse and Max-Brauer-Allee. The decision follows a Federal court ruling in February which legalised the prohibition of older diesel engines by local authorities.  A...
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90 percent of people are breathing air which falls below air quality guidelines – WHO

New and improved data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found a dangerously high number of the world’s population is still breathing dirty air. According to its new database, an estimated 90 percent of people are breathing air which falls below its guidelines for air quality. The latest air quality database from the UN agency has collated information from 4,300 cities in 108 countries...
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Irish emissions of three key air pollutants getting worse

Emissions of three of the five most noxious air pollutants, which are a threat to public health and/or the environment, increased in Ireland during 2016, according to latest figures published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Emissions of ammonia, nitrogen oxides and non-methane volatile organic compounds increased. These pollutants impact on air quality, cause respiratory problems ...
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Protecting the environment is important for 96% of Irish people

Protecting the environment is important for 96% of Irish people, according to latest Eurobarometer results for Ireland. Questioned on Air Pollution, 34% of Irish people said the following would be the most effective way of tackling problems of air quality: Applying stricter pollution controls on industrial and energy-production activities. Providing more information to the public on the...
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EPA calls on local authorities to target inspections to improve air quality

EPA calls on local authorities to target inspections to improve air quality and management of waste tyres and food waste 23 out of 31 local authorities improved their environmental performance between 2014 – 2016; 29 met the target standard. Local authorities need to target inspections to: control the burning of solid fuel, to lessen the 1,500 premature deaths associated with air poll...
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Air Quality in Ireland – the biggest threats – EPA report

According to the EPA's latest report on air quality in Ireland: Air Quality in Ireland 2016 – Key Indicators of Ambient Air Quality, burrning solid fuel is the biggest threat to good air quality, followed closely by the exhaust fumes emitted by vehicles. Following from this, the EPA launched a National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programme 2017-2022. In launching the new programme, Laura Bur...
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