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Emissions from road traffic and domestic heating behind breaches of EU air quality standards across Europe

Emissions from road traffic and domestic heating behind breaches of EU air quality standards across Europe Breaches of EU air quality limits for nitrogen dioxide across Europe were predominantly due to road traffic, while domestic heating lay behind the majority of exceedances for particulate matter, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) assessment on air quality plans.  Over the perio...
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More action is needed by Local Authorities to protect Air and Water Quality warns EPA

More action is needed by Local Authorities to protect Air and Water Quality warns EPA The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its report on local authority environmental enforcement activities for 2019.  The EPA has seen an increase in both the numbers of inspections and enforcement actions taken by local authorities since 2018 with the bulk of these relating to waste and litter.  ...
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EPA publishes Air Quality in Ireland 2019 report

EPA publishes Air Quality in Ireland 2019 report Two main pollutants were focused on: Particulate matter – PM2.5 and PM10 ‐ very small particles which can be solid or liquid. Particulate matter is usually just called PM with a number after it to show how small the PM is (These are PM10 and PM2.5).  The EPA monitors these two types of PM. PM2.5 is more important than PM10 from a health perspect...
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UK Appeal Court upholds air quality planning decision

A 330-home development won’t go ahead in Newington due to air quality concerns, according to CPRE Kent.  Gladman Developments had attempted to overturn the refusal to grant planning permission for the homes and an extra care facility at Pond Farm near Sittingbourne, but the Court of Appeal turned it down. According to the Campaign to Protect Rural England Kent, it challenged the proposed dev...
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2nd EU Environmental Implementation Review published

Environmental Implementation Review: an initiative to improve the application of EU policies and rules on the circular economy, nature and biodiversity, air quality, and water quality and management. The European Commission has published the second Environmental Implementation Review (EIR), part of its initiative launched in 2016 to improve the implementation of European environmental p...
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EU Environment and Climate Change Law Review

The current EU environment and climate change policy objectives are set out in the Seventh Environmental Action Programme, which guides EU environment policy until 2020.  The objectives are to protect, conserve and enhance the European Union’s natural capital; turn the European Union into a resource-efficient, green and competitive low-carbon economy; and safeguard the European Union’s citizens fr...
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UN Environment interview with Ireland’s Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

What do you think is the most pressing environmental issue today and why? Ireland recognizes that climate change, which interacts with so many other aspects of the environment, such as biodiversity loss, is the great global threat for this century. However, we must not ignore all the other aspects of environmental protection, such as air quality and waste management. What do you think are so...
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Air Quality in Ireland 2017: Key Indicators of Ambient Air Quality – EPA Report

The Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality in Ireland 2017 – Key Indicators of Ambient Air Quality report, released today, shows that while Ireland’s air quality did not exceed legal limit values in 2017, Ireland’s air quality is impacting negatively on people’s health. Levels of particulate matter – dust - in our air is of growing concern.  Levels are particularly high during the winter m...
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Can a unified path for development and conservation lead to a better future?

There is an emerging model for cross-sector collaboration that aims to create a world ready for the sustainability challenges ahead. Is this world possible? In The Nature Conservancy's The Science of Sustainability report, the answer is  “Yes”—but it will require new forms of collaboration across traditionally disconnected sectors, and on a near unprecedented scale. Many assume that economic...
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Political Declaration on future EU-UK relationship must deliver on environment

The coming weeks are critical for the Brexit negotiations and the future EU-UK relationship.  Negotiations are intensifying in the build-up to the October European Council summit, with the added bonus of a possible extraordinary summit in November at which an Agreement will be presented. Accompanying any Withdrawal [Brexit] Agreement will be a Political Declaration on the future EU-UK relations...
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