Environmental Claims Services with building retrofit

Dedicated division to service the insurance market

Escape of oil environmental claims have a deserved reputation for being among the most complicated, costly and time consuming claims. They are stressful for the insured and frequently are expensive to resolve for the insurer.

Verdé has developed a stellar reputation for effectively managing escape of oil claims for the insurance sector. We seek to reduce the overall costs and lifecycle of the claims through an effective, all-in-one service solution.

Oil spill remediation for the insurance market

Verdé has been providing oil spill investigation, remediation and oil spill clean up for over 22 years to the insurance market. We have dealt with over 6,000 oil spill projects in multiple residences, hospitals, theatres, rivers, farms, industrial settings, groundwater,  fuel stations, forecourts, lakes and beyond.

Our people are the foremost experts in oil spill remediation in Ireland, and can support our clients by investigating, monitoring, managing and remediating contaminated land and water incidents. We also provide expert advice services for challenging and litigious cases.


Oil spill investigation

Detailed site investigations into contaminated land and water


Emergency spill response

Deployment of experts as first responders to oil spill incidents


Remediation design

Expert advice in remediation options appraisals and remediation design and planning.


Oil spill remediation

Complete oil spill remediation services by Ireland’s foremost experts.

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Property de-risk service

De-risking property books through risk assessments and high-risk asset upgrades.


Building energy retrofit

Improving building energy efficiencies as part of building reinstatement.


Leak source replacements

Replacing oil-fired appliances with lower risk, more sustainable renewable energy sources.


Solar PV

We offer solar PV supply, design and installation services.

Value-added services

Verdé has experienced oil spill remediation teams on hand across the country to deal with any incident type. In addition, our staff include Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Hydrogeologists, Geologists, Building Energy Engineers, Renewable Energy Consultants and Solar PV specialists who offer added value to all of our clients.

Our value-added services help insurance professionals to de-risk property books, improve customer offerings and add to the environmental and sustainability goals of insurance and related companies.

Selected projects

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Our key contacts for the insurance sector

Shane O'Donovan

General Manager Remediation Services

Dr. Gary Canny

Technical Manager Remediation Services

Clare Whitely

Client Services Manager

Quality Assurance

Our success has been built around our core values of exceeding our clients' expectations and delivering excellence in everything that we do. This commitment to quality is reflected in the professional recognition and international quality, environmental and health & safety standards that have been awarded to the Verde Environmental Group.