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Oil spills and fire & flood damage restoration claims have a deserved reputation for being among the most complicated and time consuming claims. They are stressful for the insured and frequently are expensive to resolve for the insurer. To reduce the overall costs of these claims, an effective solution for dealing with them must be put in place. The solution must be cost driven and ensure that the interests of property owners and insurers are protected at all times.

Why Choose Verde

Competitively Priced, All-In-One Claims Solution

Verde has invested in an ‘All-in-One‘ claim solution that results in a claims process that is competitively priced, consistent, where fewer problems arise, claims are settled quicker and costs are minimised over the course of the claim. We carry out all the works using our dedicated, in-house teams, which means we have much greater control over costs, quality control, work efficiencies and timelines. We appoint our own dedicated project managers to control the claim – this ensures that you have a technically competent decision maker running the project and that everybody (the insured, the loss adjuster and the insurer) is kept up-to-date all throughout the claim.

Driving Change

Throughout our history, Verde has constantly worked at refining & improving our service to insurers. We have continuously consulted with insurers, loss adjusters and property owners to assist us in this effort. So, we are acutely aware that any service of value must incorporate all of the following elements: Reliability Competitive Pricing Accountability Consistency Speed of Service

Reduced Liability

Verde has promoted & driven the need for key performance indicators (KPI’s) across the remediation claim sector because we believe in providing high quality service to insurers. It’s what sets us apart from others. Our process is measured against self-imposed and insurer-imposed KPIs, so we can stand over what we say.