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Verde Environmental Group offer our industrial & commercial clients a full range of environmental consultancy, monitoring, contamination remediation, damage restoration and training services.

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Why Choose Verde

Our broad range of environmental services, from consultancy to damage restoration, is all provided by in-house teams. This means less work on your part as you only need to deal with just one supplier. We do all the hard work on your behalf.

Most importantly, our breadth of service means less cost for you – one supplier for a range of services ensures that there is no overlap of services and therefore no unnecessary cost. We offer reduced rates for repeat custom, and so the more you use us, the less you pay. In-house delivery of service means that all projects are delivered seamlessly, meaning reduced operational downtime for you.

Multiple contractors and consultants can lead to confusion in terms of liability – who is responsible when things go wrong? In those situations, it usually ends up being the client. We reduce the environmental liability that can often be imposed on you. A single point of contact with direct control over all aspects of an environmental project gives you piece of mind. We’re confident that things won’t go wrong when you use us, but if they do, you won’t be liable.

Experienced, technically knowledgable and dedicated project managers are an integral part of Verde’s service offering to its industrial and commercial customers.  Our personal approach means our clients have direct access to key Verde personnel. We are also accredited to all the required industry standards and more besides.

You need to be sure that your suppliers are as concerned about your business as you are. All Verde’s work is backed by a quality, environmental and health & safety management system to ensure a high level of service and to make sure that what we deliver to you reflects positively on your business.