Sustainable construction

Maximising sustainability and efficiency in construction

Verdé's environmental expertise in the construction sector plays a crucial role in helping our clients maintain their compliance, minimise their environmental footprint, mitigate risks, and contribute to sustainable development.

Our services are focused on helping our construction clients minimise their costs through the proper classification of waste, reduce all other environmental liabilities and work towards more sustainable development.

Environmental consultancy and contracting for the construction sector

Verdé understand that modern construction projects demand more than just technical expertise. They require a commitment to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. That’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive suite of environmental consultancy and dewatering services tailored specifically to the needs of the construction industry.

Our experienced team of environmental consultants specialises in guiding construction projects towards sustainability and compliance. We provide comprehensive soil classification investigations, environmental impact assessments, regulatory compliance support, waste management, construction site dewatering and sustainable practices implementation, ensuring that your project meets the highest environmental standards every step of the way.


Soil waste classification

Assisting design teams and contractors to manage soil disposal in accordance with legislation.


Contaminated land assessment

Contaminated land assessment and monitoring, DQRA and GQRA.


Detailed site investigations

Site investigations for brownfield development, including drilling, sampling, analysis and reporting.



Providing detailed remediation design and implementation for complex sites.

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Environmental impact assessment

Delivering EIA, Appropriate Assessments and Natura Impact Statements for developments.


Construction waste plans

Producing CWMPs to ensure compliance, reduce cost and maximise recovery and reuse.



Experts in keeping sites dry and compliant during construction.


Discharge licence applications

Ensuring discharge licence consent and compliance during construction works.

Seamless integration, exceptional results

Verdé has a proven track record of providing strategic environmental advice and supporting planning applications to reduce our clients’ environmental liabilities. We ensure development is in-line with current and emerging legislation. Our clients range from small companies to large multinationals and include civil engineers, architects, planners, developers, local authorities, quarries, waste contractors and the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

By combining our environmental consultancy and dewatering services, we offer a holistic approach that maximises efficiency and minimises environmental impact. From project inception to completion, we’ll work closely with your team to seamlessly integrate our services into your construction plans, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional results from start to finish.

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Our key contacts for the construction sector

Malcolm Dowling

Principal Environmental Consultant

Aidan Murphy

Dewatering Manager

Dr. Gary Canny

Remediation Technical Manager

Quality Assurance

Our success has been built around our core values of exceeding our clients' expectations and delivering excellence in everything that we do. This commitment to quality is reflected in the professional recognition and international quality, environmental and health & safety standards that have been awarded to the Verde Environmental Group.