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Remediation Phase at Roche Clarecastle commences

Remediation Phase at Roche Clarecastle commences

In 2020, Verde Environmental Consultants Limited commenced a five-year contract with Roche Ireland Limited to provide Environmental Consultancy services at their Clarecastle Pharmaceutical Plant.  The site is currently transitioning from an operating manufacturing site to a brownfield site through a phase of decommissioning, decontamination, strip-out, demolition and brownfield site reinstatement.

Following completion of the Demolition Phase, the Remediation Phase commenced in March 2023 following the granting and receipt of an Industrial Emissions (IE) Licence from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The first phase of the remediation is under way and involved the construction of a specialised enclosure which enables the excavation of contaminated soil to be carried out in a controlled manner. This ensures the safety of personnel working in the area and also ensure that the environment is protected and there are no nuisance odours associated with the activities impacting the community.

The contaminated soil is loaded into specialised sealed containers and transported to the Netherlands where it undergoes thermal treatment.  Once the contaminated soil has been removed from the three areas of environmental concern, and the Remediation is complete, the site will be returned to a brownfield site.

Verde has a dedicated Environmental Management Consultancy (EMC) team permanently onsite for the duration of the Remediation Project to ensure compliance is maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Industrial Emission Licence (P0012-06) and associated legislation & regulations.

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