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Water Treatment


Only 5-10 litres of the total water demand on a distribution system is used for drinking, cooking and other potable uses. An ADWS meets these demands, producing up to 1500 gallons of treated water per day.  It can fill two 5 gallon containers in approximately one minute and is ideal for communities with a population of 500 or less and have high risk water quality issues.

An ADWS is a small-scale water treatment plant that produces clean, chemical free and safe drinking water that can be collected from a centralized location in personal containers within a community. It can be used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, etc.  Containing the dispensing room and the filtration system, the ADWS footprint is small at only 3×8 meters.  It is designed to remove pathogens, colour, turbidity, THM’s, HAA’s, metals and other potential contaminants from drinking water through the same processes as large scale Water Treatment Plants.  This is achieved by multi-media filters, ozonation, granular activated carbon filters, membrane filtration, and UV disinfection. It has an enhanced, multibarrier design compared to the older potable water dispensing units.

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